Midcoast Heavy Vehicle Training & Licensing

Midcoast Heavy Vehicle Training & Licensing

LR, MR, HR, HC Trucks       RTA Accredited H.V.C.B.A. Instructor & Assessor       License No. 010517       Kempsey

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Welcome to Midcoast Heavy Vehicle Training & Licencing


Encompassing over 30 years experience in the industry, at Midcoast Heavy Vehicle Training & Licencing, we offer a complete and professional heavy vehicle driver training program, heavy vehicle licences, truck driver training and truck licencing on the Mid North Coast.


Fully qualified and well known and respected in the industry, Justin Silvello provides each and every driver student the highest standard of driver training, and as a result produces safe and competent drivers on our roads - making a difference.

  • Accredited Heavy Vehicle Instructor and Assessor
  • RMS Accredited Instructor and Assessor (Lic. No. 010517)
  • Certificate 4 Workplace Trainer and Assessor

Professional license upgrades or new license training is provided for the following:

  • LR - Light Rigid
  • MR - Medium Rigid
  • HR - Heavy Rigid
  • HC - Heavy Combination Trucks

Mid Coast Heavy Vehicle Training & Licencing offer their services to much of the Mid North Coast, including the following areas:



Contact Midcoast Heavy Vehicle Training & Licencing now on 0401 26 26 99 or 02 65 668 668


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